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When Should You Stop Having Your Fence Stained and Instead Get It Replaced?

Wood Fence Restoration A fence staining is a great service. It keeps your Plano home’s fencing looking beautiful and new while also protecting it from the elements. With routine stainings, you can keep your fence looking great and standing strong for many years to come.

Of course, as beneficial as a fence staining can be, it won’t help your fence go on forever. In fact, when your fencing begins to wear down, you would only be throwing your money away by continuing to get stain services instead of a new fence.

At Curb Appeal Woodcare, our fence staining experts want to provide high-quality stain services, of course. However, we also want our customers to make the best use of their money. So, we’ve provided the following tips to help you know when your Orlando home’s fencing should be replaced rather than stained:

Significant Portions of Your Fence Are Rotted

Though a staining will help to protect your fence from the wear that rain, sun, and other harsh elements can cause, it won’t prove to be a total shield from these damages. Over time, you may notice that parts of your fencing are beginning to rot away -- a problem which you can usually fix with a quick repair.

Of course, when this rot progresses enough, you might find that a simple fix won’t suffice. Instead, you may have to replace your entire fence. In this case, a staining would be unable to keep your fence looking good and standing strong. So, should your fence get into this kind of shape, a replacement would be a better use of your money than a staining would.

You Need More and More Repairs

Fencing repairs are nothing to get too worried about. Over time, wear and unexpected damages will inevitably occur, requiring you to put in the time or shell out the money to get your fence back in shape. No big deal -- in moderation.

However, if you find yourself shelling out money for fencing repairs with greater and greater frequency, you need to consider if continuing to have your fence stained is the best use of your money. Instead, you should save that money and invest in a whole-fence replacement before you get back to having it stained.

Your Fence Is Getting Too Old

Even the most durable and well-maintained fence is going to have to go at some point. A well-cared-for wood fence can last upwards of 20 years or so, but make no mistake: When it nears that point, you’ll be better off investing your money in a new fence instead of a fresh staining.

By keeping up with your fence’s age and minding the inevitable breakdown that will occur, you’ll be able to make wiser choices with your money when it comes to your fencing needs. As your fence nears its projected age limit, stop paying for fence staining and instead look to a replacement.

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