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Check out the most recent articles from the Plano fence staining and restoration experts at Curb Appeal Wood Care LLC for tips on wood staining, products we use for fence restoration, and more.

Why Use UV Resistant Staining & Sealant Products For Wood Durability

While we love our wide-open skies in Texas, the hot Texas summers can be scorching. When was the last time you didn't feel the heat beating up from the asphalt or feel it burn the skin right off your feet in July or August… Read More

Wood Fence Restoration Vs Replacement

Wooden fences can be a great addition to any home. They help you to create privacy and security for your property, while also helping to add value to it. In addition, their classic and rustic look can help make any yard instantly look more appealing. The only unfortunate downside to a quality wooden fence is that they don't last forever, and wooden fences require routine maintenance to keep them looking their best and make sure they keep functioning like they should be… Read More

How Our Professionals Restore Your Fence

A wood fence can be an attractive part of any yard or landscape, but they're constantly exposed to weather and elements, so over time, they can become damaged, warp, and faded. At Curb Appeal Wood Care, our professional Plano fence staining contractors can help you restore any fence to excellent condition, no matter how much damage it's suffered over time. Read More

About Curb Appeal Wood Care Fence Stains & Sealant Products

Every time Spring rolls around in the Plano and DFW area, homeowners everywhere are building fences and decks to enhance their landscapes. Fences are great for many reasons including shading the yard, providing security, keeping pets and children safe, and adding privacy to the property. Read More

Why You Need UV Protection For Your Plano Wood Fence

UV damages on your Plano fence or other exterior wood structures will eventually cause the need for replacement. In the meantime, you'll live with a weathered, ugly, dull-gray fence that only gets worse. Read More

About Power Washing Vs. Wash Solutions For Wood Fences

Many Plano homeowners and commercial property owners are convinced by power washing companies that their techniques are safe for their wood fences, decks, and other wood structures. The truth is that there are much better options available in fence restoration that won't hard the wood structure. Read More

Why You Need Experts for Deck & Wood Fence Cleaning in Plano

It's not that uncommon for fence or deck owners to believe that there is nothing they need to do for their wooden exterior structures other than sweep or use a hose to wash the debris off from time to time. Read More

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